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Explore Architects Field Sales Rep for PDA's:

Known for NetSuite integration, Explore introduces hosted service utilizing Web Services for wireless Pocket PC interaction with NetSuite.

Web Services Case Study


"The combination of the Explore Field Sales Rep and NetCRM allows me to access my mortgage files on my BlackBerry. This saves me a tremendous amount of time to check the status and follow-up as needed. I don't have to track anyone down at the office to do the lookup. Ultimately, it allows me to service my clients better."

- Jason Gardiner, CEO & Owner, JTG Financial

FSR Release 4 for NetSuite

NetFLEX Explore Mobile releases FSR 4, formerly Field Sales Rep, as a hosted service that allows wireless access to your company's CRM database. The service is delivered as a secure web page accessible to any internet enabled device. This essentially allows the user real-time interaction with NetSuite to retrieve current customer information. There is no client software to download and install, everything is managed by Explore.

Test Drive FSR 4
Explore Mobile created FSR 4 as an add-on, hosted service for any NetSuite or NetCRM web service enabled account. Try your PDA against your actual NetSuite account now, assuming you have wireless data access. Read more about the Field Sales Rep, view the Screen Shot Gallery of functionality and Test Drive it now with NetSuite. Read the FAQ for more technical answers about FSR.

Web Services Case Study Web Services Data Sheet Web Services Free Trial Web Services PDA Trial 

CRM Records Supported:

  • Lead/Prospect/Customer: Summary and Full Detail
  • Sub-Customers: Summary and Full Detail
  • Contacts: Summary and Full Detail
  • Addresses: All Customer and Contact
  • Sales Orders: Lookup by Order Number, Customer Name or Status
  • Navigation Enhancements: Jump To from Login page, Top 10 history for last 10 records viewed and new Standard Header/Footer navigation.
  • Quick Navigate Hyperlinks: Phone (link for quick dial), Email (link direct to email function).
  • Any Custom Fields on Lead/Prospect/Customer/Contacts can be added per your request.

Supported PDA Devices and OS, not a complete list of device support:

  • Windows Mobile devices are the preferred operating system.
  • Recent blackberry devices, running in various browser modes.
  • Windows Mobile 5
  • Windows Mobile 6
  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • iPhone
  • Cingular 8125, 8525 w/ Windows Mobile 5.0
  • HP IPAQ 6315 w/ Windows Mobile
  • BlackBerry 7100, 6230, 7230, 7290
  • palmOne Treo 750 w/Windows Mobile, 600, 650